Power of Attorney – How much will it cost?

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Getting Legal Support for Power Of Attorney

There are now many firms that are partnering with the campaign but all legal practices should be able to help, if they offer Private Client services. You may also qualify for Legal Aid to support you and a link to the Scottish Legal Aid Board page is below. Please be aware that Legal Aid can be complex but if you qualify, you could pay nothing for your Power of Attorney setup.


Legal fees may depend on the complexity of each case. However, as a result of our campaign you may receive a reduction of fees in the region of:

  • £320 per person – this includes £40 VAT & £81 for power of attorney registration.
  • £510 per couple – this includes £60 VAT and £158 for power of attorney registration

Final legal costs will be estimated & confirmed to you before any work is carried out on your behalf.

Legal Aid

Legal aid helps those on low and modest incomes to afford legal assistance. You can work out if you qualify for support with your Power of Attorney by using the online estimator on the Scottish Legal Aid Board’s website.

If you think that you qualify, you can find a solicitor near you who offers a legally aided service by using the find a solicitor tool on the Scottish Legal Aid Board’s website.

You can also call the Financial Assessment Unit at SLAB between 0830-1630 monday-Friday  07918 334798 . (standard network rates apply)

If you are eligible for support the most you will have to pay is £142 per person. This is inclusive of all fees, VAT and registration costs.