Power of Attorney: Start the Conversation – Jim Pearson

Jim Pearson discusses the importance of Power of Attorney for financial decisions.

Power of Attorney: Dr Debbie

Dr Debbie Brown discusses the importance of Power of Attorney in the context of Health care.

Power of Attorney: Brian’s story

Brian talks about his experience of Power of Attorney as a Dementia patient. With his previous experience as a carer helped him make informed choices about his future and has granted his Power of Attorney. He has made very detailed plans and knows his wife and daughter will be part of his future wellbeing.

Scottish Legal Aid Board and Power of Attorney: Am I eligible for assistance?

You could be eligible for assistance from the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB). In this short film, we outline the simple process to apply for financial help to arrange Power of Attorney.

Thomas Whitelaw, Dementia Carer: Power of Attorney

Tommy cared for his mother Joan as she battled dementia. In this honest and frank interview, Tommy gives an insight to the importance of planning and the heartache caused to him and his mum. They were too late for Power of Attorney and this made things much worse in their lives.

Power of Attorney in Action- Veronna

Veronna talks about her experience of Power of Attorney. She cares for her father with Dementia and together, they made plans for their future at point of diagnosis. Veronna gives an insight into making simple decisions and taking action- like arranging for the washing machine to be fixed- they would not have been possible with Power of Attorney in place. She also explains the process of the legal process:

Power of Attorney in Action- Dave

Dave speaks about his experience of Power of Attorney. He cares for his mother along with his wife. In this film he explains the 2 powers- welfare and finance. They have direct experience of managing care for his mother and keeping the medical staff briefed on the best interests of his mother with her ongoing treatment.